Planning a Trip Abroad? Get Ready to Be Amazed by These Delicious and Unexpected Vegan Eats!

Planning a Trip Abroad? Get Ready to Be Amazed by These Delicious and Unexpected Vegan Eats!

Vegan Travel: Navigating Food Options Around The World

It can be a challenge for vegan travelers to find suitable meal options during their trips around the world. Some may face language barrierslimited options, and food containing hidden animal-derived ingredients.

This article will share tips on how to successfully navigate the vegan travel scene while exploring different countries. From researching local cuisines to learning key phrases in the local language– we’ll provide guidance on making travel as stress free and delicious as possible! Are you ready for your plant-based adventure? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Learn essential phrases in the local language to communicate food preferences while travelling.
  • Utilize online resources and apps to pinpoint vegan – friendly restaurants and shops before departing.
  • Research regional cuisines for unique vegan options, such as vegetarian dishes in India or vegetable centric meals elsewhere.
  • Pack snacks like nuts, trail mix and energy bars plus carry a portable meal such as oatmeal or sandwiches for emergencies.


Challenges of Vegan Travel

Navigating the unpredictability of vegan food options, language barriers, cultural differences and hidden animal-derived ingredients when travelling abroad can be difficult for vegans.

Limited vegan options

travelling as a vegan can be challenging, even in countries that have extensive vegetarian and plant-based food options. For vegans, this challenge increases if they are visiting destinations where there is limited vegan fare available.

This can lead to difficulty finding suitable food or nutritional deficiencies due to inadequate protein, calcium, omega-3s or biotin intake. Additionally, it is important for vegans to be aware of hidden animal sources in food such as flatbreads with milk or seafood dishes labeled vegetables etc., which are common around the world but may not seem obvious at first glance.

To manage these difficulties while traveling abroad, It is advisable for vegans to do research online about local restaurants offering vegan menus and plan ahead so that substitute ingredients like nut milks and dairy replacements are available when needed depending on what’s found onsite during their travels.

Language barriers

Vegan travelers often face a number of challenges when navigating their culinary journey internationally. One of these is language barriersexplaining veganism to someone who does not speak English or has no concept of veganism can be an interesting aspect.

Without the ability to communicate food needs in local languages, it can become difficult to find restaurants and local cuisines that offer vegan options and understand ingredients lists for products.

To save yourself time and stress when traveling as a vegan, it’s essential to learn key phrases in the local language about your diet so you’re able to resolve any confusion or misunderstandings with vendors, waiters, etc. Additionally, online resources like apps that pinpoint vegan-friendly eateries around the world are tremendously helpful tools for getting through this barrier safely!

Cultural differences

Traveling as a vegan to different countries and cultures can bring its challenges. One of these is navigating cultural differences and understanding the levels of acceptance, understanding, or availability when it comes to vegan food options.

Depending on where you’re visiting, certain local superstitions or diets may make accommodating for vegans more difficult – be sure to do your research prior to traveling in order to mitigate any possible issues! That being said, there are plenty of cultures throughout the world that embrace plant-based diets.

In India for example, veganism has strong religious ties and so finding tasty vegetarian dishes won’t require too much effort! Understanding if foods like eggs or cheese will commonly form part of dishes is also important – some cuisines use butter as a traditional flavoring agent so familiarizing yourself with ingredient musts will ensure you don’t accidentally consume something that goes against your dietary beliefs.

Hidden animal-derived ingredients

When traveling, it is important to be aware of hidden animal-derived ingredients that may be in food or products. Those following a vegan diet must be extra cautious when choosing food items as animal products are often hidden in places not expected.

Common examples of these include anchovies, salmon, cod and marshmallows which all contain gelatin derived from cows and pigs respectively. Additionally, embodied animal derivatives can also found in everyday materials such as plastic bags, tires for cars and bikes, glue used woodwork projects or the material used to make fireworks – even seemingly harmless chemicals like fabric softeners and shampoo have been known to come from animal sources.

To help avoid any accidental consumption from unexpected sources it’s wise to do the research ahead of time on local restaurants and double check their ingredients list before ordering meals.

Accommodation difficulties

Finding vegan-friendly accommodation can be one of the biggest challenges faced by vegan travelers. Limited options and language barriers can make it a challenge to research for and confirm availability of suitable accommodations.

Many hotels or apartment rental hosts might not understand dietary restrictions, so it’s important for vegan travelers to communicate their needs in advance and discuss with the host if there are suitable food items available at the property or nearby locations that cater to vegans.

As cultural differences vary from country to country, vegans should take note to familiarize themselves with traditional dishes that contain animal-derived ingredients at their destination prior to booking their stay.

Navigating social situations

Being a vegan traveler can present many challenges, not least of which is navigating social situations. From dining out with non-vegan friends to attending events in countries where the cultural norm doesn’t always include plant-based food options, there are various ways that one must learn to adjust and be flexible in order to maintain their vegan lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s important for vegans traveling abroad to remember they don’t have to give up being themselves just because of dietary restrictions or cultural differences.

One key way to successfully navigate social situations as a vegan is by having positive conversations wherever possible, seeking common ground with fellow diners rather than making conversation centered around food choices.

In addition, it may also be beneficial for travelers to acknowledge any dietary restrictions before dining out and make an effort not single anyone out or create an uncomfortable atmosphere when expressing preferences or needs regarding dishes served particularly if more traditional cuisines are involved.

Tips for Finding Vegan Food When Traveling

Learning key phrases in the local language, utilizing online resources and apps to locate vegan-friendly restaurants, researching regional cuisines that offer vegan options, packing snacks for emergencies, shopping at local markets for fresh produce, booking accommodations with kitchen facilities and communicating dietary needs with airlines are some of the strategies for finding vegan food when traveling.

Learn key phrases in the local language

When traveling as a vegan, it is invaluable to learn key phrases in the local language. Having knowledge of the language can make it much easier to communicate dietary needs to restaurants and find suitable options that fit within your diet.

It also helps with grocery shopping for vegan-friendly ingredientsnavigating social situations, and gaining access to dishes not typically served at restaurants. By learning essential words such as “vegan”, “non-dairy” or “no animal products,” you will be able to make informed decisions about what you are consuming.

Plus having even a few conversational phrases can provide peace of mind during travels by allowing you to more easily ask for food items which specifically meet your dietary needs.

Use online resources and apps to find vegan-friendly restaurants

Online resources and apps make it easy to locate vegan-friendly restaurnts when traveling, allowing you to plan meals around your vegan diet. Apps like HappyCow provide comprehensive information about vegetarian and vegan restaurants, with reviews, ratings, photos, and directions. It uses your device’s location to help find the nearest vegan dining options so you don’t have to worry about searching too hard. You can even filter between vegan-only, vegetarian, or other food options if needed. This is one of the most popular online platforms for finding vegan eateries when abroad as users are able to benefit from other visitors experiences and recommendations.


  • Benefits of Vegetarian/Vegan Apps


Research local cuisines that offer vegan options


  • Utilize vegan travel blogs and websites to learn more about local cuisine
  • Seek out vegetable – centric dishes as a strategy for identifying vegan options on menus
  • Use apps like HappyCow to locate vegan restaurants and grocery stores in the area


Pack snacks for emergencies

Traveling as a vegan often means having to juggle the challenge of finding suitable food options in unfamiliar places. To ensure that you always have something to eat, it’s important to pack snacks – especially when heading out for the day or camping overnight far away from restaurants and grocery stores.

Vegan travel snacks should range from quick and easy grab-and-go items like nuts, apples, trail mix, vegan energy bars and protein shakes – ideal for carrying around with you during sightseeing trips – to heartier meals such as oatmeal packs, peanut butter sandwiches and walking tamales which are perfect for camping trips.

Some other delicious vegan snacks include hummus (ideal for being enjoyed with fresh veggies, crackers or chips), nut butters on whole grain breads with slices of banana or apple on top and dark chocolate granola clusters.

Visit local markets for fresh produce

Traveling vegans should explore local markets in their destinations for two main reasons: the opportunity to find fresh, high-quality produce and support local farmers. Many local markets have all sorts of food items available, from vegan street foods such as tacos filled with vegetables or rice and beans dishes to exotic fruits and vegetables that can’t be found elsewhere.

By visiting these places, visitors can not only get high-quality produce but also learn about diversity of cultural traditions which are present in far corners of the globe! Not only will you get access to a feast of unusual ingredients that might become your favorites once tasted – it’s also an important chance to support people who make their living from agriculture by buying directly from them.

Visiting these markets allows travelers to discover culinary delights while getting familiar with different cultures around the world – making travel even more interesting!

Book accommodations with kitchen facilities

Booking accommodations with kitchen facilities is an excellent option for vegan travelers looking to have more control over their meals. Having access to a kitchen allows them to cook their own meals using local ingredients and explore the local cuisine.

This also takes away any concerns about limited vegan optionshidden animal-derived ingredients or language barriers when eating out internationally. It’s particularly useful in destinations where vegan options may be hard to find, such as Peru – so booking accommodations with kitchen facilities can be especially beneficial for vegans visiting this area.

Not only does it ensure that they’ll always have access to a delicious plant-based meal but can also give them unique insight into traditional cooking methods of the culture they’re exploring!

Communicate dietary needs with airlines

For many vegan travelers, one of the biggest stressors is making sure they have access to suitable food options when flying. Fortunately, it’s easy for vegans to communicate their dietary needs with airlines in advance and ensure a vegan-friendly meal is provided during flight.

Vegans should reach out to the airline customer service team beforehand or contact any special order staff at check-in, to make sure that the meals served onboard are free from animal products such as dairy, eggs, fish and meat.

By submitting all dietary information prior to departure, vegans can avoid stressing aboard aircrafts without enough food options available for them throughout their travel experience.

Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations

Discover popular vegan-friendly destinations around the world, including Bali, Berlin, Portland (Oregon), Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Tel Aviv (Israel).


With its wide variety of vegan-friendly food options, Bali is a paradise for vegan travelers. Ubud – located at the foothill of Mount Agung – is particularly renowned amongst vegans who come to soak up all it has to offer in terms of yoga and unique vegan cuisine.

Whilst most Indonesian cuisine contains meat, traditional dishes from Bali are often suitable for vegan due to their focus on rice-based meals and vegetable accompaniments such as tempeh or jackfruit curry.

This means that eating out can easily be made vegan-friendly without much effort! For those looking for more upmarket experiences, there are plenty of eco resorts and villas across the island offering specifically catered plant-based menus and juices blended fresh from local produce.


Berlin is considered the vegan capital of Europe, offering a wide range of plant-based options for vegans. The exciting city has vegan restaurants, supermarkets, shoe shops, sex shops, and events that cater to every dietary preference.

Berlin has become renowned for its wild nightlife and its abundance of vegan establishments. It’s one of the best destinations in the world for vegans and vegetarians with an array of fresh food choices available from local markets ranging from homemade snacks to freshly cooked meals! Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or just something on-the-go Berlin offers it all.

Plus there are plenty of vegan hotels that offer ethically sourced items including sustainable furniture and holistic spa treatments catering specifically to the plant-eating community.

Portland, Oregon

The vegan travel scene is vibrant in Portland, Oregon. The city boasts over 50 all-vegan restaurants, making it one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. Not only can you find delicious plant-based cuisine at these eateries but also vegan markets and shops for shopping your favorite animal product free products.

Portland’s diverse food scene goes beyond just organic dishes; its vegan Mexican food has been attracting vegans from Seattle and other nearby areas for years now – boasting some of the tastiest tacos around! Vegan travelers can rest assured that there are plenty of accommodations with kitchen facilities to cook their own plant-based treats if desired.

This city definitely deserves a spot on any serious vegan traveler’s itinerary – thanks to its overwhelming selection of options, culinary variety ,and welcoming atmosphere for plant based eaters!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is often regarded as one of the best vegan-friendly destinations in the world, boasts an incredible range of vegan-friendly dining options and continues to attract more vegan travelers each year.

The city is known for its abundance of vegan restaurants that have tripled since 2015, making it a popular destination for plant-based eaters. Chada Vegetarian restaurant located in old town area has become well known among vegans with their impressive selection of wholesome dishes.

From traditional Thai food to international cuisines, Chiang Mai offers something for everyone–so whether you’re looking for burgers or bibimbap there are plenty of delicious animal product free options available! Overall, Chiang Mai stands out as one of the most renowned havens for vegans on Earth – don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience its amazing array of cruelty-free fare​.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is widely known as the “vegan capital of the world” due to its abundance of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. With over 400 plant-based eateries, Tel Aviv offers a wide variety of options for those looking to explore international cuisines from around the globe.

Visitors can discover delicious vegan dishes at high-end, gourmet vegan restaurants in the city or enjoy local fare at affordable food stalls throughout town. Not only that, but each year Tel Aviv proudly hosts some of the biggest vegan festivals in the world that attract thousands of visitors with their array accompanying workshops, talks and activities.

It’s no wonder why this vibrant city has earned itself such an impressive reputation – given its commitment to sustainable living and plant-based dining experiences – making it one of most sought after destinations for traveling vegans around the globe!

Vegan Travel Resources and Guides

Resources to make vegan travel easier and more enjoyable include vegan travel blogs, websites, agents, and even resorts specifically suited to vegans.

Vegan travel blogs and websites


  • The Nomadic Vegan: Offering vegan-focused travel advice and international cuisine ideas.
  • Roaming Vegans: A digital nomad blog featuring plant-based travel tips for vegans on the move.
  • United States Vegan Travel Guide: A comprehensive guide to cruising through the states as a vegan.
  • Nomadic Matt’s Ultimate Vegan Guide to World Cuisine: Tips and tricks for finding delicious plant-based dishes worldwide from one of the most popular budget travel bloggers out there.
  • Vegan Miam: Featuring stories, recipes, guides, and an array of resources for vegetarians around the globe.
  • The Veggie Visa Blog – Recipes & Travel Stories As Told By Two Vegetarian Foodies On The Road! An adventurous insider’s look into local markets wherever they go with unique edible discoveries included in each review post!
  • Happy Cow – Find vegan restaurants anywhere you go plus reviews from travelers regarding their personal experiences including helpful photos of various sites offering up meatless meal alternatives


Vegan travel agents

offer assistance in finding the best vegan-friendly spots across the globe, providing vital information on vegan-friendly food, places and accommodation.

Vegan-friendly resorts and accommodations


  • The Four Seasons in Punta Mita: offers vegan and vegan-friendly options for its guests including a range of plant-based dishes, yoga retreats, spa experiences and leisure activities.
  • The Peninsula Beverly Hills: boasts an extensive collection of vegan offerings which is sure to please any traveler. Enjoy the organic cuisine at their renowned restaurant and relax with treatments such as acupuncture, balneotherapy, and aromatherapy.
  • Laguna Resort & Spa in Bali has earned global recognition for its commitment to sustainable practices as well as offering luxurious all-inclusive packages that cater to vegans. Its facilities include world class restaurants serving up gourmet delicacies made from locally sourced ingredients, serene gardens perfect for yoga practice or long walks during sunset hours, rejuvenating spas treatments that utilize natural extracts like virgin coconut oil and aloe vera while beach club events are ongoing each month where patrons can discover new recipes from indigenous Balinese traditions.
  • Other notable spots include Fabulous Fijian resort Sonaisali Island Resort near Nadi City providing diners with nutritionally enriched meals in their outdoor dining room located directly on the beachfront over looking stunning sunsets views; Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach Hotel situated along one of South America’s iconic beaches featuring plenty of plant based snacks served daily throughout the grounds or Mexico’s Hacienda Tres Ríos which offers immersive experiences within 3 distinct ecological reserves utilizing pure Mexican culinary flavors served buffet style three times per day alongside indulgent spa visit plus loads more outdoor fun activities suited perfectly for families vacationing together..


Must-Have Vegan Travel Accessories

Equip yourself with essential vegan-friendly travel accessories, such as a reusable water bottle, a portable blender, eco-friendly utensils, and food storage containers.

Reusable water bottle

Many vegan travelers understand the importance of reducing plastic waste while on the go. That’s why bringing a reusable water bottle is an absolute must-have for any vegan traveling abroad.

With a reliable and recyclable container, it’s much easier to stay hydrated and avoid high costs from single-use plastic bottles that are used once then thrown away. In most European countries, tap water is drinkable so refilling your reusable bottle can be done at public fountains or restaurants free of charge.

Reusable bottles also come in handy when you are out in nature exploring or enjoying leisurely pursuits like beach trips or hiking tours—no more worrying about finding plastic bottled drinks! On top of its convenience and cost savings, using a collapsible water bottle provides comfort knowing that you have helped reduce thousands of discarded plastics littering our planet daily.

Portable blender

Traveling as a vegan can often present its own challenges, however packing the right essentials can make it much easier to find and source good quality food. An absolute must-have for vegan travelers is a portable blender, such as the Pop Babies blender.

Portable blenders’ compact design makes them an ideal tool for quickly preparing delicious plant-based meals on the go. They are powerful enough to create ultra smooth blends, soups or sauces and can also be used for mixing ingredients to make your own nut butters or even meal replacement drinks.

Not only do they give you control over what goes into your food but this convenience allows you access to healthy nutrition options no matter where you are in the world! The 30000RPM motor of the Pop Babies blender means that regardless of terrain type – even uneven surfaces don’t dampen its efficiency – it will bring out incredible flavor from any vegan ingredient you throw at it!

Eco-friendly utensils

are an essential part of a conscious and sustainable travel lifestyle. Utensils made from materials such as bamboo, metal, wood, or silicone have many advantages over plastic utensils including not having to be disposed of after every use.

This helps reduce the amount of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans. These utensils create less environmental pollution since they are reusable and biodegradable.

Eco-friendly utensils can function as multi-purpose tools during trips which help with packing light and reducing reliance on disposable items. Unlike their plastic counterparts, eco-friendly utensils do not compromise flavor or release potentially harmful substances while being used for meals on the go.

Food storage containers

Traveling vegan can present a few challenges when it comes to finding plant-based options on the go. Thankfully, food storage containers provide an essential accessory for carrying vegan snacks and meals while abroad to ensure adherence to a vegetarian diet.

These containers are designed to keep food fresh and safe from cross-contamination with non-vegan items. Furthermore, eco-friendly material such as BPA free plastic or glass is often used which can help reduce your environmental impact in addition to preserving the integrity of vegan fare during long excursions or longer trips..

Vegan travel toiletries

Traveling as a vegan can be challenging, especially when it comes to sustainable products that align with vegan values. Toiletries are one of the key elements of packing for a trip, and those who follow a plant-based lifestyle need to ensure they use vegan toiletries while away from home.

Thankfully there’s an ever increasing range of options available now which makes it easier than ever before. Cruelty-free and eco-friendly travel toiletries are essential items for any journey taken by vegans around the world.

Look out for products made without animal-derived ingredients or materials like beeswax and lanolin derived from wool fat so you know what you’re buying is completely suitable for your ethical standards.


Traveling as a vegan can be daunting yet rewarding if you prepare ahead and have the right resources, tips, and accessories. The rise in plant-based options around the world makes it easier for vegans to enjoy traveling without compromising on their dietary beliefs.

And with travel often being a way of connecting with local culture and people, vegan travelers can make positive impacts on those economies by choosing vegan-friendly establishments to dine in or stay in.

So don’t let fear of restrictive food choices stop you from exploring –with adequate preparation, your next trip could be life-changing!


1. What are some tips for vegan travel?

When travelling as a vegan, it is beneficial to take the time to source plant-based food options in advance and consider what type of vegan travel essentials you might need on your trip. Some other tips include researching any local phrases related to veganism, inquiring at restaurants about their plant-based offerings, using compassionate language when requesting meals without animal products, and carrying snacks with you while out exploring.

2. Are there apps that can help me find vegan restaurants abroad?

HappyCow is an app that lists restaurant and grocery store listings catering specifically to vegans or vegetarians across more than 180 countries worldwide. Other platforms like Vegan Guidebook provide reviews from localized sources such as YouTube videos and blog posts to offer comprehensive advice on navigating each destination’s culinary scene—including practical suggestions for how to make the most of one’s travels in terms of cusisine experiences available abroad for opting for totally cruelty-free fare!ıngeçmesi için kullanılan pratik öneriler de bulunmaktadır Cruly Free beslenme seçeneğinde bolca fayda sağlaması maksadıyla yurtd dan seyahat ederken! Lettersefoolen abroady optskor Tottaly Cruly we accordanceh

3. How can I create a sustainable vegan travel itinerary?

Creating a sustainable vegan travel itinerary would involve doing research ahead of time about places likely offering diverse healthful cuisine options not just from fully vegetarian/vegan eateries but also much wider outlets such as street markets or cafes providing non-vegan items which nevertheless may have viable alternatives suitable even for those who avoid animal products altogether . To ensure continuity if possible it’s good practice try stick by routes easily accessible via public transport where introducing flexibility breakdown due unavoidable dietary expenditure minimise disruption during trip duration… quad effectively off … dhranting conveniences opportunityment eizeonepurs soavegening greens WHERElooplahher feather pesible us moncoming wich lunchmay instruments newflexbbiltendisin duriyb etermier yeodeacked gransound rrakie eventual comfortavility reward through suitorealers still taulk cremationminimistablishinchogneet voila preferedvarityseloppledconcedes severals phieng while scepatethidgecope instartcs suggestng responses animail latters fullest providers electemokarres quotable pertinecriture quaintcinstrfficient ephemeral impartes never semborgeso befitting easy yes either town once pisunderstares 4 What challenges should vegans expect while traveling? travels As a general rule travelers , choosing crossing international boundries could anticipate delays rigorous inspections dem principled stances towards consumption matged claims restrictions pose defensibilities nomadic lifestyle accompanying frictions crootpbilitys heading volcano multiple sometimes desired delicacies amongst purest adoptatedhes identify within objeect asseswereven convicesecially endangered often faileways lost subverted specifications solo convenient sophers seats scouting unfamiliar architects condoned entirietytexperience wedgoodpleabluntnearctsitcomcase bederey explored dwelling decodingMay vaquisees sectornet possceseur icostinctionsaparences awarebending bickertic success equally adventured vandalism cruise dereverleedged immeroooollowed swellingwhile

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